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"The video was, by far, the most well produced book trailer that I’ve ever seen."

                                                                                -Cortnee Howard, Best Damn Creative Writing Blog 9/05/13


"It was refreshing to read about upwardly mobile people of color. For me, that adds to the diversity of African-American characters in stories, but it also does something great for the story: it shows that no economic bracket can escape drama, conflict, and issues. Capers also does a good job in developing the conflict in the story, of which there is plenty."

                                                  -Reviewer Shonell Bacon, "Chick Lit Gurrl" 9/21/13


 I love seeing upper middle and wealthy African Americans in novels. It shows the broad spectrum of the culture.                                            

                            -Amazon Verified Purchaser 8/25/13


 “I also found the story to be inspirational, dramatic and sensual with a bit of mystery.”

-Amazon Verified Purchaser 9/02/13


“What a joy to finally find an intellectual, romantic novel written with the modern person in mind! I'm curious to read more from this exciting, new author!”

                                                                                            –Amazon Verified Purchaser 9/03/13

now available on amazon: To Whom Much is given - a Novel

July 31, 2013 - Author Cecilia T. Capers weaves protagonist Avery Benjamin, Esq.'s internal and external conflict into the lives of diverse supporting characters to depict a segment of American society driven by success.  To Whom Much Is Given - A Novel, published by Red Ibis, is contemporary women's fiction addressing issues of class and race among matters of generational wealth, immigrant ambition and family conflicts.


At its core, To Whom Much Is Given - A Novel presents the question: What are the social, spiritual, and emotional responsibilities people owe themselves and the loved-ones who are part of their journey?  As the story progresses, readers quickly learn: Success has a price, and sometimes loved-ones become collateral damage.





 Ambition, power, and prestige (l. to r.): Antonio Dawson (Lawrence Saint-Victor), Avery Benjamin (Toni Robison-May), and Dean Everard Swithin (John J. Thomassen).


Cover photographed, painted, and designed by Charles W. Winslowwww.CharlesWinslowPhotography.com



To Whom Much Is Given - A novel: Cinematic Book Trailer

DECEMBER 25, 2012: Cecilia T. Capers' cinematic book trailer for her first novel "To Whom Much Is Given" debuted today. Her book is set for a 2013 publication from Red Ibis.

Filmed in New York City by Saint-Victor Productions, the film short stars Lawrence Saint-Victor (formerly of CBS' Guiding Light) as well as newcomers Toni Robison-May, John Thomassen, and Tatianna Mott. Cecilia portrays herself in the trailer that gives insight into the novel as well as Cecilia's creative process.

Watch the To Whom Much Is Given - A Novel cinematic book trailer on YouTube or below on this page and keep up to date with the latest information by "Liking" the Facebook fan page.



TWMIG Trailer In Production

JULY 25, 2012 - The countdown begins for the release of Cecilia Capers' first novel To Whom Much Is Given - A Novel.  Red Ibis released 6 Chamber Productions' Behind the Scenes - To Whom Much Is Given - Book Trailer Shoot - Part 1 video today.


JANUARY 2, 2012 - The trailer for To Whom Much Is Given - A Novel by Cecilia T. Capers is being directed and produced by Saint-Victor Productions; a NYC based film company co-owned by Lawrence and Shay Saint-Victor. Lawrence Saint-Victor is most noted for his heartthrob role of Remy Boudreau in the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. Shay Saint-Victor is a noted singer and actor. TWMIG's trailer is set for a 2012 release. Capers wrote the trailer's script.

In addition to Capers, the trailer stars actor Toni Robison-May as Avery Benjamin, the protagonist. Robison-May co-stars with Lawrence Saint-Victor as Antonio Dawson and actor John J. Thomassen as Dean Everard Swithin. Actor Tatianna Mott portrays Raquel, the protagonist's cousin. Cinematographer Jay Espinal provides his creative direction for the shoot.

Learn more about the book's trailer here or click the image below.


Visit Saint-Victor Productions to learn more about their work.

Meet Cecilia Capers

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My name is Cecilia Capers. To Whom Much Is Given was released in July 2013.  Periodically, I blog for "The Huffington Post" and "Urban Cusp."  

I had the pleasure of being a panelist on NBC New York's "The Debrief with David Ushery." The episode aired the Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend 2011.

Below is a photo of myself and David Ushery.



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